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Here's what some of our clients are saying...

Happy seniors raising hands


"Your company did so much to make my move smooth and easy and comfortable and perfect.  Thank you, thank you.  I will recommend you whenever I can." A. Schmidt

"Complete Transitions did a wonder job for us!  Susan is totally amazing and her entire team gave us everything we asked for and much we didn't even know we needed!" Cindy W.

"Thanks to all the helpers.  I couldn't have survived without Christine.  I hope you stop by the next time you are at (community)."  Pat S.

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us -- packing, unpacking, calming me down.  I can't tell you how much we appreciate it, we could not have done it without you all!  After everybody left, it felt as if we had always been here and we love the floorpan" Sue 

"The fact of the matter is, I would not have been able to successfully move from my house without the help of Complete Transitions and could not have asked for a better team leader than Stacy.  She was absolutely outstanding in all regards.  Stacy always sensed what needs to be done to advance the effort, she personally rolled up her sleeves, was incredibly responsive, communicative, strategic, and overall, made things happen!  She maintained a sense of urgency and would proactively contact others if needed be.  I welcomed her calm demeanor and she was easy to work with at all times.  She repeatedly asked how she could further help me.  I valued her suggestions and ideas because she was usually right!  I just wanted to let you know that you have such an important asset in Stacy.  I wish you continued success in 2021 and I'm sure you will because the services that Complete Transitions provide are such important ones!  All the best," Lynn

"Thanks so much with your help with my mom's move.  You were a pleasure to work with and saved me a huge amount of work, travel and hassle.  You were worth every penny!" Clark

"Thank you and all your elves for making our transitions to (community) as painless as possible.  [Tead Lead] was especially helpful... holding my hand while I dealt with the emotional and physical challenges of sorting through 40 years of our life." Mr. & Mrs. P

"Thank you Susan!!!  Working through the details of my Father's passing, I'm so glad we had you to turn to as a trusted resource.  You have been fantastic throughtout this long process and have made all our lives so much better at this difficult time.  If there is anyone who I can send a 100% positive and heartfelt review to please let me know." Paul

"Megan & Stacy, Many thanks to both of you for all the great help.  Would have been lost without you.  And thank to the rest of your crew."  Anne

"Excellent service!  Thank you!" Bob

"Dear Megan & Susan, The move that was set-up was excellent in all respects.  I would certainly recommend using your services to anyone who should ask.  Very Truly Yours," William H. 

"Hi Megan, I know you already know this, but I just want to say how extremely please we are with (one of our team leaders) Stacy's help and guidance thru this 'journey' to (community).  Same goes for Beth (one of our team members).  They are a pleasure to work with!"  Joanne M. 

"Megan, I cannot begin to thank you and your fellow ladies for the help you provided us!  I am a walking advertisement for you all!!  You are all angels.  From the bottom of my heart... thank you!"  Helen M. 

"Your floor plan took some of the bite out of... some of my stress.  Besides, knowing that you two are there when I have a need is a calmer downer."  Cindy T.  

"Megan, I just wanted to thank you, with a special shout-out to (one of our team leaders), for being there for me during this little move for my Mom...  The work you do is invaluable."  Jay I. 

"Megan, Thank you for all your help and encouragement on my journey to a new life!"  Joanne K.  

"Thank you for helping with my mother's move!  There is no way that move would have done smoothly without your expert team.  Special thanks to Susan Wright (one of our team leaders) who was so patient and supportive with every step."  Sandy G.

"BRAVO ZULU (Well Done!).  (My wife) and I would like to thank you and your entire team for a very thorough and professional approach to and implementation of our move."  Mr. & Mrs. Wright. 

"Your crew was spectacular.  (My wife) and I simply cannot imagine trying to do this alone.  The way you got the rooms set up was simply great.  TV, phone and internet went in without a hitch,... our offices are already functional.  (A bit of a surprise!). Thanks a gajillion to your crew and you (one of our team-leaders) Susan in particular."  John C.  

"Thank you so much for arranging all the many details for our move to (community name).  We couldn't do it without you and the girls!  We appreciate all that you did to assure our move to be free of stress.  Sharing our appreciation with you and the girls,"

Mr. & Mrs. T.

"Do remember to all of those lovely women who helped us out of our home of 42 years with such ease!  You all were/are great!  Thanks for all you did for us."  Caroline M. 

"Thanks for the skill and efficiency of your entire crew." David S. 


“I can’t thank you enough for all your input.  The room looks absolutely wonderful and I really love everything!  You fit so much in such a small space and it looks fabulous.  You have answered so many questions and worked so hard to make it beautiful.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you”  Barbara B. 


“Dear Megan and your fabulous team!!!  We cannot thank you enough for your amazing service of helping our mom move.  You made the process so smooth and seamless.” The S. Family


“Thank you for the fabulous job you did for my parents!  They are happy in their new place and you had incredible patience to help them though the process.”  Katherine


“Megan, it has been a pleasure.  I could not do this without your team.  It has been a pleasure to sit in my cottage and reminisce as you have placed item in certain positions.”  Dr. G.


“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  You are wonderful.  I am so very grateful for you, your expertise and amazing kindness.  Mom’s apartment is beautiful.  She is happy and a little overwhelmed, but I sense she is proud of her little place already.  I could not have done this for her without you and your beautiful, kind, professional and understanding team.  Oh… did I forget to mention their organizational talents as well?!”  Mary Terese 


“The good news is that my parents’ apartment looks much better!  They are slowly adjusting, but continue to sing the praises of your team.” Blair


“Megan, we can’t thank you and your wonderful team enough for everything you did for us (again) today.  Each one of you made us feel as if both our ‘things’ and our situation were important.  Having all of you here, has frankly kept me sane.  I hope you’ll forward our enormous gratitude to everyone.  You all warmed our hearts more than you can know!!”  Cathy


“Susan, It was so nice to hear from you.  I sing y’alls praises all the time.  I particularly appreciate the support you, Megan and all the ladies gave me while I tried to help (in-laws’ names).  They are doing well and enjoying sitting on the front porch and visiting with all of their nice neighbors.  (Mother-in-law) loves her cottage!”  Susie


“Thank you so much for your help, you guys were amazing!  I told (Executive Director’s name) you are nothing less than extraordinary!”  Tasha


“Thanks so much for all your help and the rest of the women.  I never would have gotten this far without all of you. You guys were great.”  Mrs. F.

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